All Things Holistic is proud to carry ATL International extensive line of essential oils!

ATL International’s is a proudly Canadian company which during the past 20 years in business has supplied a wide spectrum of natural plant and marine derived ingredients, including essential oils and specialty compounds, locally and Internationally. All ATL International’s Essential oils are carefully sourced by a professional’s and obtained directly from the firsthand manufacturing facilities around the world, produced in small batches, are analytically verified, environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. They do not contain any synthetic dilutants (including propylene glycol’s), colorants, aroma enhancing ingredients, phthalates, or and others intermediates, are produced from conventional, wild, or organically grown plants, and considered to be free of pesticides and environmental toxins.

“Essential Oils, which are highly concentrated and super potent substances responsible for the aromatic profile of every plant, and which are involved into the plants natural defence against pathogens, insects and parasites, represent a complex mixture of volatile secondary metabolites, extracted using a different technique’s (such as distillation, expression, CO2 extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, vacuum extraction, etc.) from the plants flowers petals, leaves, fruits seeds and peels, roots, bark, stalks, wood, and resins (gums)”(“Brief Introduction to Essential Oils, their potential and safety”, by Dr. M. Emerald).

Enjoy this information on our TOP 20 OILS or Download our Pricelist to shop from our line of 495 different essential oils!

1 – Basil Sweet

2 – Cedarwood Atlas

3 – Cinnamon Bark

4 – Clove Bud

5 – Eucalyptus

6 – Frankincense Olibanumm

7 – Ginger

8 – Geranium Bourbon

9 – Grapefruit Pink

10 – Lemon

11- Lemongrass

12 – Lavender

13 – Orange Sweet

14 – Patchouli Dark

15 – Peppermint

16 – Rose Damask

17 – Rosemary

18 – Sage

19 – Tea Tree

20 – Ylang Ylang


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