Comfrey Infused Oil - 8 oz

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Comfrey Infused Oil is great to have on hand for rapid healing of bruises, sprains, and broken bones. Comfrey promotes natural healing of scrapes, wounds, and boils (carbuncles). Comfrey heals tissue quite quickly, and therefore any wound that Comfrey Oil is used on, should be cleaned very well. If the wound is not cleaned well, it could cause infection.

100% Natural Ingredients: Lemon Balm Herb and Grapeseed Oil

How to use Herbal Infused Oils:

  • Rub directly onto problem area.
  • Use as a massage or body oil.
  • Use to make lip balms, salve or lotions.
  • Add essential oils if you want to add scent or increase the healing benefits (10-15 drops per ounce)

Our herbal Infused oils have been infused for over 4 weeks from herbs and botanicals from our farm in Ilderton, Ontario. Because they are far less concentrated than essential oils, they are a gentle oil that can be used for all ages and for all skin types. For external use only. Do a skin patch test before use. Do not apply to open wounds.

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