Fair Trade Organic Coffee

BALANCED JOE • Smooth Medium RoastAll Things Holistic is proud to offer unique blends of O-Joe medium, dark roasted and SwissWater® Decaf.
All coffees (except decaf) are produced by The Café Femenino Foundation, are 100% Organic & FairTrade®. O-JOE also supports the Women’s Rural Resource Centre on an ongoing basis with the sale of Café Femenino Coffees.
Medium Roast: Peru/Guatemala blend
Dark Roast: Sumatra, Guatemala, Peru Blend
Decaf: Cascadia Swiss Water® blend
1 lb bag $17
Select whole bean and fine grind coffee available in store.
Special Order by Saturday for pick-up the following Wednesday.
Grind Selections for Special Orders:French Press = CourseMetal Filter = Percolator, Refillable K-Cup, Cloth Filter (Medium Fine)Drip Paper Filter = Paper filter, Normal Drip machine (Fine)

Espresso/Aeropress® = Very fine

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