Absolutes and Attars

Exotic Absolutes and Attars for Soap and Perfume Making

The following are available in our store in London, Ontario in 5, 10, 15 and 30ml
Delivery is also available. Online ordering available soon!
Many more absolutes and attars available upon order!

Amber Gold Attar
Amber Persian Attar
Arabian Wood Attar
Benzoin Absolute
Black Amber Attar
Black Currant Absolute
Blorgy Attar
Carnation Absolute
Cascarilla Bark Absolute
Cranberry Absolute
Dragons Blood Absolute
Frangipani Absolute
Gardenia White Absolute
Ginger Lilly Absolute
Grapefruit Absolute
Honeusuckle Absolute
Hyacinth Absolute
Immortelle Absolute
Jasmine Absolute
Jasmine Mogra (Night Bloom) Absolute
Kewra Attar
Lilac Absolute
Lily of the Valley Absolute
Linden Flowers Absolute
Lotus Pink Absolute
Magnolia Pink Absolute
Magnolia White Absolute
Marigold Absolute
Mimosa Absolute
Mitti Attar
Myrrh Absolute
Musk African Attar
Musk Black Attar
Musk Egyptian Attar
Musk Green Attar
Musk Red Attar
Musk Sensual Attar
Musk White Attar
Narcissus Attar
Oakmoss Absolute
Orange Spice Attar
Orris Root Absolute
Osmanthus Absolute
Rose Burgundy Attar
Rose Red Attar
Rose White Attar
Shamama Attar
Tonka Bean Absolute
Tuberose Absolute
Yuzu Fresh Absolute
Vanilla Absolute
Violet Leaf Absolute