About Us

Sherry Simoes, Founder

Sherry has worked from home from her family farm helping people to build a successful business through finding and implementing the right marking methods and designing amazing websites for 25 years.

All Things Holistic started as a marketing project for Sherry and has grown today to so much more with a retail store in London, Ontario, online and throughout Southwestern Ontario as the exclusive representative or ATL International for wholesale buyers.

Carrie Anne Stephenson, Sales and Events Manager

Her many experiences with Yuk- Yuk’s Stand up Comedy, appearing on Dragon’s Den, and event planning proves that Carrie Anne Stephenson knows how to put on a show and build an audience!

With Carrie Anne is starting her journey with All Things Holistic as our marketing and events manager she has opened the doors to some very exciting opportunities at Nature’s Hub!

Carrie Anne will be planning some exciting events, including networking and community events, Workshops and DIY classes, educational seminars and more and be at the door to welcome you with a smile!

Outside of Nature’s Hub she’s planning open mics, networking with like minded entrepreneurs, and she offers MC and stand up comedy services for local charities to support her community. “Cause if you can’t make ‘em laugh…You can’t make ‘em listen.”

Learn more about Carrie Anne in this article from the London Free Press

About the Company

All Things Holistic started in 2013 after the founder Sherry Simoes was diagnosed with a disease called Lipedema. Being a marketer by trade she decided to create a blog and share what she learned about all things holistic as she started her journey to better health through nutrition, different holistic modalities, and self-care. She was told she would be in a wheelchair in 5 years and was out to prove them wrong Fast forward to today and she is nowhere near that point, in fact, she is in far better health than she has been in over 25 years. Alternative and Holistic healing works!

Part of her healing journey was regular MLD Massage and she met an amazing therapist called Gillian Vellet who helped her to regain her health. In the massages, she used some essential oil fusion blends called phytorx formulated by a local neuroscientist and chemist named Dr. Mila Emerald, founder of ATL International who happened to be right in London, ON. These oils had such a profound effect on Sherry’s health she knew she needed to meet this Dr, and get involved and help spread the word about these amazing products and All Things Holistic’s focus quickly became essential oils, specifically, the phytorx line. Soon after, she became the companies Business Development Manager.

A few years later, Dr. Emerald and Sherry joined forces to take things to a retail level. All Things Holistic has become the store which will focus on ATL International essential oils, natural product supplies and other natural and organic products. We are also proud to be able to offer products from those who use the ATL products to make their own product lines.