Lipedema Services

Over 11% of the female population suffer from a misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease called Lipedema and Founder Sherry Simoes knows what heartache and struggle someone suffering goes through to find help, support and an official diagnosis. These services have been designed based on her own struggle to help other women find hope!

Lipedema is a disease involving abnormal fat deposition that can result in pain,  lymphatic disturbances and eventually, without proper care, immobility. It’s often called painful fat syndrome, and it mainly affects women. Lipedema can occur at any age and the symptoms show in the legs and sometimes arms. Newer research shows that the disease generally manifests itself during puberty, pregnancy or other times of hormonal change. It is thought that genes play a role, although more research is desperately needed into this disease.

Symptoms of Lipedema

  • Weight is gained disproportionately on hips and thighs and below knee. This is usually bilateral (affects both sides) and symmetrical (occurs evenly)
  • The feeling of fatty ‘nodules’ underneath the skin
  • Bruising occurs easily and is often unexplained
  • Legs are sensitive to touch
  • Deep throbbing pain in legs, pain in knee joints
  • Legs feel heavy and swell throughout the day (especially after long periods of standing or sitting) but resolve overnight
  • Fat on legs looks dimpled like “orange peel “ and legs may feel cold to the touch
  • Lipedema fat does not respond to dieting

If you feel you may have Lipedema BOOK a Lipedema Discovery Session Today

Sessions are held at Space to Grow Studio in London, Ontario


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All our services are priced at not-for-profit rates, thank you to our generous sponsors. We also have a sliding scale for those who are Low Income or on Social Assistance. If you fit either of these groups please talk to us! Our goal is for everyone living with Lipedema to be able to afford our services.

Lipedema Discovery Session – 2 Hours $49

If you think you may have Lipedema book this session to be assessed by a Lipedema Coach and receive an informative info package as well as a package to take to your family doctor. If we suggest that you may have Lipedema during this session you may be referred to one of our Nurse Practitioners for a formal diagnosis.

Lipedema Diagnosis Session – 45 Min $80 COMING SOON!

Please book a Lipedema Discovery Session before this session. We must pre-screen the women we refer to our Nurse Practitioners for a formal diagnosis.

4 Week Living with Lipedema Program – Four 2 Hour Sessions $275 (payment plans available)

If you have already been diagnosed with Lipedema and want support to implement self-care and changes to help slow the progression, manage pain and learn how to eat to starve Lipedema this 4-week program is for you. If you cannot afford this program ask about our sliding scale rates.

If you have not been officially diagnosed yet please book at Lipedema Discovery Session first.

Lipedema Maintenance Session – 2 Hours $80

Our Lipedema Maintenance sessions are geared to follow the 4 Week Living with Lipedema Program, however, if you do not want to go through the program you may jump right into these sessions which are a combination of a check-in with a Lipedema Coach and a 75 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage Massage. We recommend a minimum of 4 weekly sessions, then bi-monthly and finally monthly indefinitely if you want to manage Lipedema.

Compression Fitting (coming soon)

Support Group Meetings (coming soon)